The storm No. 9 swept into the Central region on October 28, right after the historic flood which had caused a lot of damage before. Immediately after the storm, floods and landslides continued to happen with terrible consequences. The people in the Central of Vietnam have suffered from consecutive impacts of tropical depression, storms, floods on a large scale.  Accumulated natural disasters after days of crop failure and difficult life due to the COVID-19 epidemic made the people in the Central region more difficult. The damage to people and property is extremely serious. Quang Binh, Quang Tri, Thua Thien Hue, Quang Nam, … are the provinces that suffered the most.

The Founding spirits of Taisho Pharmaceutical Group Co.,Ltd is to prosper with partner’s and local community, Taisho Vietnam’s Visions has been to strive to become the most trusted company by and rooted in Vietnam local community and mission of to be close to the local community and having social responsibility, Taisho Vietnam Co., Ltd. has implemented the program “The meaningful rice – For the lovely Central” wishing to share loss and damage with people in the Central region.

The meaningful rice was given to those who really needed them


The program lasted 2 weeks with the destinations which are Ba Don, Trieu Phong, Bo Trach, Le Thuy districts (Quang Binh) and Dakrong, Vinh Linh districts (Quang Tri). The practical gifts have been awarded to people with total of more than 300 million VND. Hopefully, this support would partly share the difficulties that the people of Central Vietnam when the flood passes.

To implement the program, the company has coordinated with the local Fatherland Front Committees to unify the list of heavy victims of floods & storm at each district to receive the gift. On November 12 and 13, Taisho Vietnam collaborated with Phuoc Linh distributor in Quang Binh province to directly gifting over 16 tons of rice to nearly 800 households that suffered the most serious destruction.

 On November 21 and 22, the company continued to coordinate with My Khuyen distributor (Quang Tri) and move to the districts of Quang Tri province as Vinh Linh, Le Thuy (Quang Binh), and Dakrong districts and give 400 gifts including rice, Lipovitan energy drink and washing powder for the households most affected by the flood.

The smile of the people is the best thing the we have received on the journey

The meaningful rice packs  were given  to people in Quang Binh




The government representatives say thank you to Taisho Vietnam

The local government representative of Hoa Thuy commune, Le Thuy district expressed his gratitude to  Taisho Vietnam, the practical gifts partly encouraged the spirit of people to overcome difficulties and settle down after the heavy consequences because of storms and floods. For Taisho Vietnam and Lipovitan energy brand, more than thanks, the smiles are invaluable gifts that we have been fortunately received in our journey.


LIPOVITAN is a brand of Taisho Pharmaceutical Group Co.Ltd, the No.1 OTC Pharmaceutical company in Japan. LIPOVITAN was born on 1960. Taisho created LIPOVITAN first as nutrition supplement to tackle the fatigue and boost fast recovery which was launched in Pharmacy. Innovating to glass bottle style in 1962 had drove the success to become the top brand. Entering to Vietnam in 1999, to become Vietnamese life companion, launched LIPOVITAN in can.



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