In the two days of March 2-3 in 2023, the government and people of Duy Tan commune (Duy Xuyen) in Quang Nam province actively organized the traditional festival of Ba Thu Bon.
Ba Bon Quang Nam Festival has been around for more than 300 years, this is a spiritual cultural beauty that is extremely important to the Quang Nam people. This year, the ceremony was held according to traditional rituals including: decoration ceremony, color procession, water procession, great sacrifice, perfection ceremony … bringing a vibrant and ancient atmosphere with ethnic costumes marching through the poetic village scenes.
Meanwhile, the association also had its own attraction with activities such as dropping lanterns on Thu Bon River, campfire activities at the river pier, poetry night, village chess tournaments, men’s and women’s boat races, men’s and women’s volleyball and other folk games.

The traditional boat race within the framework of Ba Thu Bon festival took place on March 3th, 2023

Lipovitan was honored to be one of the sponsors of the Men’s and Women’s Boat Race – an important sporting activity of the Ba Thu Bon Festival. Hundreds of T-shirts and caps for athletes and the Organizing Committee. Moreover, nearly 3,000 cans of Lipovitan Japanese energy drink were donated to the racing teams and people here.


Phần hội trong lễ hội Bà Thu Bồn được tổ chức theo nghi thức truyền thống

The part of Ba Thu Bon festival was held according to traditional rites


Nhãn hàng Lipovitan tài trợ áo nón và nước tăng lực cho Đội Đua Thuyền

Lipovitan sponsored T-shirt and hats, products for the Boat Racing Team



Nhãn hàng Lipovitan trao tặng giải thưởng cho Đội Đua Thuyền

Lipovitan gave gifts to The Boat Racing Team

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